Of course, I’m referencing the famous autobiography by Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. In her book, Maya writes how strength of character and passionate purpose can overcome great trials and injustice.

However, the comparison between her brilliance and this entry ends there. It’s a Saturday afternoon and I’m trying to keep the creative momentum of the past week going by endeavoring to complete a movie-of-the-week assignment, BUT –

My teenage son brought home an 8-week old puppy last night and has since left for work. I’m in my office trying to develop some complexities of plot, BUT –

The puppy, who is being cage-trained, is BARKING and WHINING.
Followed by what I think he intends as a growl but truly sounds more like he’s gargling.

I DO know why the caged dog barks! He’s saying, “I’m all alone. I miss my seven brothers and sisters. My new master is at work. Won’t you please love on me?”

I went through this years ago with four newborn children but now it’s back in the form of a black Labrador puppy.

All my life’s a circle – only it’s gotten hairier and has grown a tail.

Well, what worked for them should work for him…

– and I AM a softy…

-and there is a smidgen more time before my deadline hits.