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NIPI website undergoing new updates!

It's an exciting summer for this website. New updates are underway. You can expect to see more available NIPI product and a few new categories. Some of the things to be on the lookout for: Exciting Creative Process Interviews with well-known, accomplished talent! New Storm Warrior Paperback Editions available here! Special Password-Accessible-Only Screenplay/Teleplay Portfolio for [...]

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Storm Warriors and Storm Survivors

$16.95 The Storm Set The Storm Set is the two-book collection first published by NavPress and now reissued by N.I.P.I. and Storm Warriors International Press. Both Storm Warriors and Storm Survivors offer gripping lifeboat-rescuing adventure in the historical age of 1800s storm and sail off of the coast of England when most [...]

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Storm Survivors

$10.95 Storm Survivors Inspired by the incredible true story of Sir William Hillary and the founding of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Storm Survivors continues the story of its popular prequel, Storm Warriors. Set in the days of storm and sail in the 1800s, it's a riches-to-rags story of a real-life visionary [...]

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