The Log Books – Sneak Peek

The companion volumes in the series anticipate being launched in sequence 12 months apart – each Christmas. This section allows you a sneak peek at what’s to come. You may find it interesting to note that all of those scenes in the early books where Matey is journaling pays off in the last volume of this series, The Journals of Matey. Though you don’t get to see what she puts in her journals at the time she enters them, in the last volume you get to see them just as she wrote them. Enjoy!

The Logbooks of The Flyers

This description coming soon!

The Logbooks of Double-Realm Rovers

This is one of the most looked-forward to volumes. I can’t wait to tell you about it – but you’ll have to be patient for now.

The Logbooks of Giovanni Mackanninni

This is one of my children’s favorite characters. Mine, too! Description coming soon.

The Logbooks of Ash

Boo! Villain! Bad Guy! Details forthcoming….

The Logbooks of Mister Willow

Talk about a nice guy! This Old Bark is as sweet as Maple Syrup, only he’s a Willow. Details soon!

The Logbooks of Ham The Dwarf

Crotchety old hoot. Details soon…

The Logbooks of The Old Salts

Believe it or not, this one is mighty special and close to my heart. Aspects of it are rooted in my family tree filled with Italian uncles, each of whom had a wonderful sense of humor.

The Journals of Matey

All of that journal writing that Matey does in the previous ten books turn up here. This one will definitely satisfy the curious and the nosy! Details soon…