Winchester? Hawken? Springfield?
Which rifle to fire?

I have no idea but I’ll be figuring it out soon enough. My latest assignment from a Cable TV network (to be named later) is to write a 90-minute action-filled western. Since I’ve never actually written a western teleplay before, it has required a bit of research. I’ve covered a large swath of history in order to close in on an approximate time frame and then researched a general setting to get familiar with moving around. What’s the difference between a cactus and a Joshua tree? That’s a simple one, if you know. Badlands, grasslands, high plains or grazing? Huh? All of that’s the easy part, of course – but it takes time to absorb and make decisions. The best part is fleshing out the characters and the story arc. I have to admit, I love this project. I hope it turns into a series!
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