Jon Nappa has written for several Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 corporate clients over thirty-plus years for purposes of training, sales, marketing, education and safety. Some of these assignments and clients are described below. Due to the confidential nature of much of the client content, access is restricted to actual documents unless a qualified access code has been provided. Otherwise, when possible, client websites can be explored via clicking on the appropriate access buttons.

Internet Technical Article Samples

These days there are countless digital clearing houses of technical information on many subjects needing continuous updating and revision . From time to time, Jon Nappa has provided such deliverables. If you’ve been given the password via direct request to Jon Nappa, click on the link below to see some of these short-form articles.

Assigned & Commissioned Articles done for Wise Geek collection

One of the pseudonyms used by Jon Nappa in the writing of brief technical articles is Jonathan Stevens. Under that moniker, Jon wrote several articles for the Wise Geek collection. You can click on the non-restriced link below to see some of those samples.

Centro Bus

Jon Nappa wrote many safety and training videos for the Central New York Regional Transit Authority, also known as CENTRO Bus. Among the many topics he wrote, produced and directed, are:

  • How to Operate, Maintain and Repair the Wheel Chair Lift
  • How to Properly Perform Interior Cleaning
  • How to Safely Operate the Bus

Crucible Steel

Jon Nappa has often been invited to analyze and research various operations and transform his findings into teachable modules for purposes of training, safety and education. Sometimes these projects were used to better inform management or employees or to satisfy insurance requirements. In each case, it required the ability to quickly gather, grasp and organize highly detailed process and procedures, formerly unfamiliar to Jon. Many customers were amazed at how much of a quick-study Jon was despite having little or no prior experience in their field of operations or specialty. Nappa explains, “It’s about knowing how to learn and learn quickly. It involves asking the right questions of the right people and then structuring the information into understandable, bite-size modules. It never fails, no matter the subject.”

One such customer was Crucible Steel. Jon spent relatively little time on the floor of the factory but very quickly turned around several safety projects that satisfied the insurance company, pleased management, and better informed the employees. Those projects included:

  • How to Operate the Wire Mill
  • How to Operate the 3/4 Straightener
  • General Safety Considerations on the Factory Floor

“Upon reviewing the contents of the scripts, I must say that I was extremely impressed by Jon Nappa’s ability to grasp the basic process with only four visits. As I expected, the resulting videos are excellent. I have shown them to my operators, operators outside of my department, plant safety engineers, and people outside the plant. Everyone comments on the quality. Thanks for doing an excellent job.”

Carmen Louise, Superintendent

Harden Furniture

Jon Nappa also wrote the :30 second television commercial for famed furniture maker, Harden FurnitureFrom the Hands of Harden to the Heart of your Home, and the 8-minute marketing version that played continuously in furniture stores around the country for nearly two years. The video profiled the skilled artisans and the Capraesque-like culture of the factory located in McConnellsville, NY.

National Tractor Trailer School

Utilizing Nappa’s well-known line-upon-line, precept-upon-precept marketing design, he scored a major success with the full slate of productions he wrote and produced for the National Tractor Trailer School. In addition to the five :60 and :90 second direct-response commercials:

  • American Trucker
  • Today’s Woman
  • Life is What you Make it
  • Boxed In?
  • On the Road

…that aired for 12 years on Regional Television,

Nappa also wrote the 12-minute recruitment video for the popular trade school and was invited to the Commission of Accredited Truck Driving Schools conference in Washington, D.C. as the official producer of their media campaign.

The results were substantially more than we ever anticipated. Nappa’s handiwork translated to measurable sales increases without incurring any additional ad dollars than we had already been spending. I think the success of both the recruiting production and the commercials were a direct result of Nappa’s intrinsic abilities and skills to perceive our real marketing objectives. I was particularly impressed with the insight he developed about our business. His attention to detail, in-depth approach, and understanding of marketing concepts is commendable. And with regard to the marketing production he had done previously, we found a consistency we had been previously failing to obtain, and noticed an increased retention of details by those who viewed it. The body of work in total has been invaluable in group meetings, recruiting seminars and as an information vehicle for distant state and federal agencies.”
Harry Kowalchyk, President


Nappa designed and created the suite of promotional materials for this unique retail business that brought the portrait studio into peoples homes. From the brochures to the interactive customer website for online proofing and ordering, to the branded PT Cruisers, Nappa designed it all – concept-to-completion.

Storm Warriors

Jon Nappa’s involvement with Storm Warriors is no secret. He is the author of the original historical novel that resulted in the launching of the International not-for-profit, but he also brought his considerable writing and promotional skills to bear in the development and design of the website and its entire suite of print promotions.

The Constellation Newspapers

This newspaper distributed directly to over 29,000 homes in Huntersville, Cornelius, and Mooresville, North Carolina and featured a range of topics: environment, politics, history, literature and entertainment. Nappa wrote and edited multiple articles within multiple issues.


Nappa wrote every page of this medical couriers 40-page website and designed their sales strategies, print materials and overall campaigns.

Wachovia Bank

Despite having their own in-house studio with staff writers and producers, Nappa was invited by this well known company to craft a confidential script on Emergency Incident and Crisis Management for in-house restricted viewing only.