I can’t wait for you to discover my most personal and exciting project to be released in late 2015. It’s historical fiction and inspired by the true life and art of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. It takes place in 1800s Cambridge but takes us across Europe and back to Boston and New England and features a fascinating cast of characters, including: Charles Dickens, Henry David Thoreau, Charles Sumner and others. Most of all, it tells a beautiful story about a sensitive poet living in a time when his nation was fracturing and his love for gentleness and peace was mightily challenged by the facts of his time and the tragedies of his personal life. I hope you come to love Longfellow and his historic world as I have. Between now and the release, I’ll drop you some fascinating tid-bits about the book and give you some behind-the-scenes peeks I think you’ll enjoy. I’ll even let you see the 16-foot timeline I built over a several year period as I reconstructed the famous poet’s life. Look for the Longfellow headers if you care to track this subject. Best and brightest to you – Jon