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Entry 4 – The Creative Process for HMPE’s upcoming feature film

With the script having been revised several times for several reasons (characters being added or deleted; change of locations; a particular performer interested; or the director’s continuing refinement of his vision), we finally get to a stage where it is considered “done!” – that is, for now. We know there will be changes throughout the […]

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Entry 3 – The Creative Process for HMPE’s upcoming motion picture

Among the many creative amenities at the HMPE Ranch/Studio is, of course, a full blown 4k HD theater. In the photo to the left, you’ll see the script projected onto the screen in preparation of several days and multiple hours of transforming the script into a shooting script.

In the photo below, you see Director Todd […]

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Entry 2 – The Creative Process for HMPE’s upcoming motion picture

During the fourth quarter of 2014, Owner and Chief Creative Officer of HMPE Productions, Todd Fisher, asked me if I’d be interested in becoming a Department Head of Development and Scripts for his new motion picture endeavors. I responded with great interest. He flew me out to California to discuss the opportunity. Throughout the remainder […]

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The Creative Process for HMPE’s upcoming motion picture…

Typically, I am in the midst of overlapping projects in various stages of development, and/or production, and/or distribution. Today is no exception. I have a mainstream novel in the final stages of editing prior to publisher submission; I have a two-volume, special edition set of historical fiction novels needing my proof approvals before the printing […]

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Upcoming Novel – Longfellow – 12 years in the works

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I have been awarded the privilege of being the Head Writer and the upcoming project roster is exciting! I’m going to keep you posted about the happenings as they continue to unfold. I’ll include some interviews (video and text) with some of the talented folks I’m working with, so stay tuned and look for the […]

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First Post

Soon, I’ll be launching this site. It will include updates, behind-the-scenes features, interviews, sneak peeks and more about my projects whether previously released, soon-to-be-released or in-development. You’ll get up close and personal with much of my work and when I can, I’ll introduce you to some very exciting and creative people I get to work […]

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The Super Snoopers Franchise

The Super Snoopers is a not-for-profit inspirational franchise for children, ages 7-11, and is designed to inspire kids to learn how to navigate the scriptures on their own for their own personal edification and benefit. It’s a pretty creative solution to interest kids to understand the bible – particularly the new testament – as something […]

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