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NIPI website undergoing new updates!

It’s an exciting summer for this website. New updates are underway. You can expect to see more available NIPI product and a few new categories.

Some of the things to be on the lookout for:

Exciting Creative Process Interviews with well-known, accomplished talent!
New Storm Warrior Paperback Editions available here!
Special Password-Accessible-Only Screenplay/Teleplay Portfolio for Producers, […]

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Storm Warriors

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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is coming…

My personal passion project (and also part of my Master’s Thesis at Queens University) is coming out on my 59th birthday. It’s titled, What Longfellow Heard. It has been over ten years in the making with the last three years filled with full-time immersion. The research and crafting process was consuming, exhausting, enriching and unforgettable. […]

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Economies of scale – Novels vs. Scripts

I love myriad formats and genres. I try to appreciate each for what it is, not for how it compares.
Sometimes the distinctions are worth noting because they inform the creative process.
I’m encountering one of those distinctions today. It pertains to economies of scale.
They don’t typically apply in the world of novels or publishing in general, […]

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I LOVE deadlines…

I’m rarely late. Deadlines do much to discipline my focus.
Some of my writing friends feel opposite. Some think a purer motive is the work itself.
I like the sound of that, but I can’t deny the usefulness of hard deadlines in my working life.
I’m all for combining a love of the work with a practical plan […]

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No time but to tunnel!

I’m 50+ pages into a 95 page teleplay.
I’m at the phase where even a prolonged conversation at breakfast can derail me from my tunnel time.
It’s mornings like these that checking emails must wait until later, and blog entries like this one must remain brief.

May inspirations flow endlessly for each one of you entering your own […]

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What things do you do as part of your writing ritual?

There are some things I repeat every day (like where I write), while I intend the substance of what I’m writing to be new every day.

If not new, at least refined.

I do find  a range of themes I’m prone to explore . Is any of […]

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I Know Why the Caged Dog Barks!

Of course, I’m referencing the famous autobiography by Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. In her book, Maya writes how strength of character and passionate purpose can overcome great trials and injustice.

However, the comparison between her brilliance and this entry ends there. It’s a Saturday afternoon and I’m trying to keep the […]

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Latest assignment: a Western Movie of the Week

Winchester? Hawken? Springfield?
Which rifle to fire?

I have no idea but I’ll be figuring it out soon enough. My latest assignment from a Cable TV network (to be named later) is to write a 90-minute action-filled western. Since I’ve never actually written a western teleplay before, it has required a bit of research. I’ve covered […]

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Passion Projects, Contractual Assignments, Convolutions and Pleasant Surprises!

Passion Project – what I most yearn to write
Contracted Project – what I get paid to write
Convolutions – too much of one and not enough of the other – from either direction!
Pleasant Surprises – when contract writing transforms from assignment into passionate project or conviction writing leads to a contract

I’ve experienced all of the above […]

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