Upcoming Novel – Longfellow – 12 years in the works

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I have been awarded the privilege of being the Head Writer and the upcoming project roster is exciting! I’m going to keep you posted about the happenings as they continue to unfold. I’ll include some interviews (video and text) with some of the talented folks I’m working with, so stay tuned and look for the […]

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First Post

Soon, I’ll be launching this site. It will include updates, behind-the-scenes features, interviews, sneak peeks and more about my projects whether previously released, soon-to-be-released or in-development. You’ll get up close and personal with much of my work and when I can, I’ll introduce you to some very exciting and creative people I get to work […]

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The Super Snoopers Franchise

The Super Snoopers is a not-for-profit inspirational franchise for children, ages 7-11, and is designed to inspire kids to learn how to navigate the scriptures on their own for their own personal edification and benefit. It’s a pretty creative solution to interest kids to understand the bible – particularly the new testament – as something […]

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Storm Warriors Website – a related destination!

Go to stormwarriors.org and discover how to launch your lifeboat!

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